Red gills!

  1. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    So lately I've been dealing with abnormally high nitrites and nitrates and I recently noticed only one of Mollies has extremely red gills and has become extremely lethargic. He also continuously is opening and closing his moth like he is trying to breathe, and just lays at the bottom of the tank a majority of the time. After a few days of water changes and dosing with both prime and stability the nitrites have dropped to a more manageable level of .25 and the nitrates have also dropped to 5.0. However the fishes gills still look very red and he is still lethargic any help or advice to help me save this little guy is greatly appreciated
  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    Maybe ammonia poisoning. Perform frequent water changes. It will keep the ammonia level low.
  3. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    Ammonia is 0.
  4. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    May be it is a bacterial problem.
    Start the antibiotics.
  5. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    I'm thinking it may have been the high nitrates for a prolonged period so I'm gonna wait to see if anyone else has anything to say before starting meds.
  6. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Nitrites prevents oxygen-intake in the gills : causing red gills/ heavy breathing / lethargy / aso.
    So keep up the waterchanges + use of prime till the issue is solved.

    Antibiotics ????? Why throw those in?
  7. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    Should I still dose with prime even though nitrites are .25? Or should I just keep dosing jus not as much? Also once the nitrites are back down to 0 the redness should go away and he should return to normal correct?
  8. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd wait Andrew and check if they rise again (do you know why they appeared). Fish can go back to normal in most cases.
  9. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    I had several anacharis melt and eventually die, I believe that to be the reason seeing as I haven't added any fish to overwhelm my BB. And okay thank you!
  10. AndrewJ54 Member Member

    Hey guys I'm back on this thread because I need some more help, I've kept the water in good condition but the gills are still read and even worse he's developed a case of fin rot . I don't know what to do at this point, the levels are 0ammonia, 0nitrite and 10-20 nitrates. Any help would be greatly appreciated