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red gills??? what do i do?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by frogster221, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. frogster221 Valued Member Member

    55 gallon tank has been set up for over a year now. im not a beginner. ive got plants thriving and all of my tank mates have been doing well but i recently added a common pleco and 3 ghost shrimp, since then some of my fish have started to swim on there side or just not swim at all they sit on leaves. i have 8 zebra danio that seem to be affected the most and 6 neon tetra who have had a smaller reaction. all test readings are zero. other than the new fish i have added another filter. can anyone tell me why my fish seem sick and why their gills have turned red??
    P.S. i got the new fish 3 days ago. and the new filter 5 days ago. just in case that matters
  2. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    The only thing I know of that causes red gills is an incomplete cycle or Old Tank Syndrome. But if that is what it was your tank readings would be out of wack and the neon tetras would be more affected because they tend to be the more sensitive fish. Have you seen anybody picking on anybody? Did you wash out the new filter and filter media before using it? The only thing I can think of is some unknown toxic chemical coming in from the new filter/media.
  3. frogster221 Valued Member Member

    thats the thing im using a cartridge from the older filter so it wouldnt do that. o ya i forgot to mention my gold and cherry barbs. and none of my fish have ever been fin nippers i make sure they never get hungry enough for that. yet not overfeeding. its rare but every now and then 1 fish will die of unknown causes. last time it was my whiptail catfish and before that it was a zebra danio but thats it no others.