Red Fin Cigar Shark

  1. G

    Garron987 New Member Member

    I purchased a tank recently that contained some unique fish. I have identified one as a red finned cigar shark. From what I have read this fish needs a large tank and mine only measures 48 inches in length. Will this fish be happy and health in this tank?
  2. BluMan1914

    BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore. From what I've just read....nooooooo!!!!! Lol. They get over 2ft, and you would need a very big tank. I'd say nothing less than 300 gallons. Some others may even suggest larger, others may say it's best only for public aquariums.
  3. hampalong

    hampalong Well Known Member Member

    They will get to 2 foot long or thereabouts in a tank (bigger in the wild) and live in groups. You would need a tank the size of the average room to keep them properly.
  4. Redshark1

    Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    2ft? That's some cigar. I guess it's the shape alluded to in the common name?
  5. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Cool! I'd never heard of such a fish. Can you post a picture?