Red Clawed Crab Not Moving! Help!!!

Hello, I own 4 Red Clawed crabs with my girlfriend, they live in a 10 Gallon tank, I left town on saturday and came back to find one of my female crabs( who is very active normally) standing motionless in the underwater part of the tank. When we got her she was missing both claws and a leg, it looks like they are growing back ever since she stopped moving. Her skin also looks different which makes me wonder if its molting. It has been about 7 hours since we got back and she has remained in the same place without moving, we would poke her but I have read that during molting they are extremely stressed and should be left alone.

Also I keep the water clean and with the amount of salt it needs, also there is a small beach with sand and a ship where the crab can go up and breathe.

I have attached pictures of her
is the tank cycled? (not just clean water)

I searched through a bunch of sites, this one suggests it may be starting to molt.

if the back of her shell is opening up and/or the flap comes open, then she is molting.

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