Red claw crabs wont eat! please help

Discussion in 'Saltwater Crabs' started by RatDog, Nov 19, 2016.

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    First and foremost, let me start out by saying Im new here so please bear with me. My question is about my 3 red claw crabs that I have. I have spent a ton of time researching how to get the perfect condition for these guys and I think I have finally gotten it down. I have all the requirements, brackish water, a 5 gal tank, 50/50 land water ratio. Before I had these 3 I had 2 before, and one died, so we ended up getting two more. Its been a couple months now that we have had these 3 crabs and I have yet to see them eat any of the food my roommates and I have put in. Prior to getting the 2 new crabs, my crabs before would literally devour any article of food we put into the tank. I watched them eat and entire slice of cucumber in like 30 minutes :;rocker. But once I introduced the 2 new crabs none of them seem to want to eat anything. We have tried cucumber, spinach, apples, and they didnt bother. So we bought bee moth larva and they also did not even peck at them. I used to watch them graze and eat the food pellets we would put in there but now i never even see them eat those. They just accumulate at the bottom of my aquarium and collect fungus. As of recently we put a piece of bogwood in our tank and we have watched them pick and eat at that. :;dk

    Why wont my crabs eat any of the food we put in anymore?
    Are these crabs digesting the wood they are eating? I have seen them scrape little microbial matter off of plants and rocks and eat that but I just want to see them eat like they used to. Thank you for your help and I hope my post wasn't too long!
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    Welcome to Fishlore, hope one of our salty members can help you today
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    The crabs aren't eating the wood, they're picking fungus and bacteria off its surface.