Red Claw Crabs Having Issues Help

Discussion in 'Fiddler Crab' started by bissettrob91, May 25, 2019.

  1. bissettrob91

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    Here is my tank and I put guppies in with them read that they do great keeping away from crabs but I recently lost two out of the four crabs not sure why they live in brackish water . Had ammonia spike fixed that check all other levels getting ready to do a water swap not sure what else to do [​IMG][​IMG] any info would be great
  2. richie.p

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    This may help you
  3. Dch48

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    My take is that the water is too deep and there isn't enough land area for them. I have heard that half the tank should be above the water and that they need a dry place to molt and a place to hide.
  4. richie.p

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    Your crabs will not survive that much water have a red of this