Red Claw Crab Care

Discussion in 'Saltwater Crabs' started by bettabrooke, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. bettabrooke

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    This summer, I am interested in purchasing a red claw crab from my local Pet Smart, but when I look online there isn't much information about how to care for these cuties. So far I know they need brackish water, a large enclosure, and what their diet roughly consists of, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a detailed red claw crab care guide?

    Also, I've heard red claw crabs should have a UVB light, preferably with a heat lamp. Is this true, or do I need an LED light?
  2. Fanatic

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    Haven't heard that they needed a heat lamp because they are aquatic.
    I think they do come on land a little bit.