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    Im new here and this is my first post
    Im worried about my Red Cap who appears to have damaged his wen. A bit about him first: I bought him about 9 months ago. He has been eating and playing well and seems to fit in with the tank. He has been growing and his wen had expanded into a patch of bubbles which I thought was completely normal. Then his wen started showing signs of damage. This has been happening for a few weeks now, progressively getting worse. It started in the summer when his wen started growing white spots. Each 'bubble' of his wen has been turning white or clearish. I researched this and a majority of people online said that this was no big deal so I dismissed it. Then the wen appeared to have some spots damaged or falling off. This has progressed further getting worse and worse. Today, the wen is half white and looks mangled with some parts wiggling around when he swims. He still is eating and swimming normally, not hiding or shy. His body looks fine and the other fish dont appear to be messing with him or having damage of their own.

    My tank is 55 gallons with lighting and a 350 gallon an hour filter. I have two red caps, a telescope goldfish, a ryukin, 6 fantails, and a pleco. I have a log, and tree stump, and a coral decoration. I feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. They all seem to get along. They grown and I may soon have to switch them out for new fish. This is my first full on aquarium so I am somewhat experienced. I set this up around a year ago. I switch all the water out every month or so. I dont have pH or any tester of any kind except for ammonia tester which I test every week and it indicates that the water is at a safe range.
    Please help
    Here are some pictures:


    Please reply
    Thank you

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    Here are some more pictures
    Sorry for the quality
    I took them on my phone
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    Good evening and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    I wish I could welcome you under better circumstances.

    It is normal for the wen to turn white while growing but as far as the bubbles are concerned and the wen falling apart and or off, not a good sign.

    According your Aquarium Profile Information you are not aware of the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle, which is crucial to fish keeping:

    If you are aware of the Nitrogen Cycle, can you post readings for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH please?

    One thing that comes to mind is Gas Bubble Disease:


    Let's get more responses before you panic but I really do not think the wen should be coming apart like it is, nor should it be bubbling.

    Best wishes for your fish and hold on for more responses.



    See the last paragraph in the link below:
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    Welcome to Fishlore! For one, which is likely the cause of all your problems, at 55 gallons, your tank is only large enough for 3 fancy (*fancy*) goldfish. You should be providing atleast 20 gallons per fancy goldfish, and 30 gallons per single tail goldfish (this is NOT to say that a 30 gallon tank is sufficient for a common or comet goldfish, nor a 20 gallon for a single fancy-- because it's not). Not to mention the added bioload of the pleco, which, depending on the species might as well add 5 more goldfish to your tank. Knowing what type of pleco it is will help us decide of its a good candidate for this size tank. With a stock like this, you should be performing 75% or larger water changes weekly.

    You also do not have very good filtration if you are using a HOB filter. With goldfish you should aim for a 10X turnover rate for HOBs. A canister should be at least 4, but more is better, provided the fish aren't being blown around.

    Do you know your water parameters? Ammonia and nitrite can be the cause of the rotting you are seeing. Also, common plecos are well known for attacking and eating the wens off Oranda, lionhead and Ranchu goldfish (as well as the scales off the side of any large, slow moving fish).

    You came to a good place for help, we'll get you on the right track and help you get your cutie fixed up :)
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    Thank you so much for your help
    I currently do not have any water testers but I am in the process of getting one. Today the wen has gotten more frayed and I will move him to a separate bowl now. I don't believe that it was any of his tank mates that has hurt him since they have been together for at least half a year without incident.
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    Do not put him in a bowl. Go out to Walmart and buy a 10 gallon tank and cheap filter. Should cost you about about 20 bucks.
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    I now have testers for pH, ammonia, KH, and some other testers plus pH and stress relieving fizz tabs
    I moved my Red Cap to a bucket
    Here's an update:

    Update: Apon closer inspection I found that the other fish were nibbling at hiss wen once it got frayed. This really saddens me. Does this mean that my red cap won't ever be able to be placed back into the tank?
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