red balloon platy or cherry barb?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by neonblue1980, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. neonblue1980Valued MemberMember

    hi everyone!

    i'm looking for an interesting pop of red to add to my tank once it has cycled. i'm looking at either red balloon platies, or cherry barbs. i have a couple of zebra danios at present, but no other real plans for stocking. any advice on either of these choices?
  2. FiscCyning

    FiscCyningWell Known MemberMember

    Is this the 23 gallon tank?

    The main difference would be the activity level you're looking for. The barbs will be more active, zipping around the tank a lot (which may or may not fit with the activity level of future tank inhabitants), and the platies wouldn't swim quite as fast. If you're primarily wanting bright color then I'd go with the platies as they will have more of a bold red color than the barbs.
  3. OP

    neonblue1980Valued MemberMember

    yes, this is the mystery 23/29 gallon tank, lol. the box says 23 gallons. but the dimensions measure 29. so i did an online calculator for a bowfront, which it is. and the calculator comes out at 25. so...who the heck knows! lol.

    we absolutely love the zipping around the tank that the danios do. mind you, there are only three of them, so maybe with a larger school we'd get even faster movement out of the danios alone, nevermind any other fast swimmers.

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