Recycle Old Water Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Kaithe24, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Kaithe24New MemberMember

    If I use a overflow to drop my water from tank 1 into tank 2 (also to add additional water due to evaporation this water will have no fish and will be dirty until moves to tank 3) then use a drip system with appropriate chemicals to clean nitrate nitrite organic materials and such in to tank 3 (also no fish) then one more drip system to move the clean water back to tank 1 to start it all over again. If you see any possibility of this working or improvements please tell me I’m trying to create a super efficient tank system for my first to minimize water changes without constant access to water and a drain
  2. Magicpenny75Well Known MemberMember

    The only way to "clean" nitrates out of the water is to remove them, which can be accomplished with a low-flow anaerobic system that allows growth of denitrifying bacteria (very difficult) or masses of plants (slightly less difficult, but requires access to space and light that most of us don't have or don't want next to our aquarium.) You can't add things to water that remove other things, because then you have to also remove whatever you added. Look into hydroponics, and also please study about why we do water changes. There is more to it than nitrate removal. You do them to replenish minerals that the fish need and to remove things like hormones and things we can't accurately measure for. It's the age old question - how to make a tank that doesn't need water changes? The best answer anyone has come up with is: it's easier to do water changes.
  3. treadingwaterValued MemberMember

    If you really want to recycle tank water use it to water your plants around your house. They LOVE tank water.