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    I want to add live plants to my 10gal. to replace my current silk plants. Only current live plant I have is one moss ball. I have never kept plants before, so looking for any advice I can get.

    Keep in mind the tank is only 10 gallons. I am looking tmfor something that won't over grow the tank and can grow well with a boring led that came with the tank. It's nothing fancy.

    I'll attach a pic of the tank so you can see how it's set up. I'd love to just replace the fake plants with similar size live plants and keep the layout about the same.

    Thanks for any advice you may have! 1550712419561.jpg
  2. Brooklyn Vasquez

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    Definitely recommend Anubias nana because it is a tiny low-level plant which is what most people recommend! You could look into the low-level beginner plants list such as Swords and Vallisneria.

    Here is a good article you could look at:

    Top 5 Easy Aquarium Plants
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  4. OP

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    Thanks for the ideas. Sorry I haven't been able to respond until now. Anyone else have any thoughts.

    Also... since I'm new to plants, any advice on floating vs. planted in substrate, etc. Just tips in general would be greatly appreciated.

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    Oh, also... does having a planted aquarium change the way you clean or frequency in which you clean?

    Currently I do a 30% water change weekly and gravel vac each time. Unless I am pressed for time, then I may skip a gravel vac on occasion.
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    I have just acquired a tank from my sister. I have a 42cmx15cmx30cm fighter tank. I replaced the silk plants with java fern, crested java fern and anubias nana, they are all going well, the java fern types noticeably growing under their tiny light.