Recommendations For Plecos In A Not-very Pleco Tank Size 65 Gallon Tank

  1. TXDadoo

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    Hi, all. Thanks for providing and maintaining such a great forum.

    I am essentially a beginner to fish keeping. I had some experience with it when I was much younger, but it's been long enough that it might as well have never happened.

    I have a 65G tank (36" x 18" x 24") on a stand with an enclosed cabinet. I would have preferred some flavor of a 48" tank, but it would have used up every last inch of space I have available for an aquarium, leaving me no room to maneuver for cleanings, etc. Also would have just looked awkward.

    I have always loved plecos. I realize that my tank does not have the footprint for an adult Hypostomus, but I would like to populate the bottom of the tank with as many BNs or other, smaller pleco-types as the space comfortably will allow. For the rest, I was thinking of a shallow, sandy substrate, a few rocks & hidey-holes, a big-ish piece of driftwood or two, and then some new world swimmers for the upper part of the tank that don't require lots of (or, preferably, any) vegetation. Maybe angels. Would prefer few or no plants, at least for now.

    Here are my questions:

    What would a reasonable number of smaller-sized plecos be? I have seen some videos on the net of tanks that look to be practically carpeted in a variety of plecos. That is nifty to see, but it doesn't seem very natural or fish-appropriate, to me. Maybe I'm wrong. If I go with the angels, I think I'd aim for 3-4 or so (please feel free to correct me on that too, though).

    What are the filtration and water-flow recommendations? I understand plecos are poop monsters. I don't mind spending some money on equipment, but I don't want to go nuts where going nuts won't really benefit the fish. I also would prefer to have redundancy, so, for example, would a canister and a HOB be best or some other combination? GPH recommendations also would be great.

    Finally, if all of the above sounds dimwitted for any reason, please don't hesitate to let me know. I want to set things up for long-term happy fish, so all feedback is welcome.
  2. david1978

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    I think your right at 3-4 bn plecos.
  3. Ed204

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    First of all welcome to the forum!

    1). If you're planning to get all female BN Plecos 3vof them would be fine (you'll have to have good filtration though). However, when it comes to males I would stick to 2, they can get quite territorial with each other.

    2). In terms of filtration I can't really help you on that, I do have something to say but I'll leave this matter for the more experienced others when it comes to filtration.

    3). This sounds like a very unique idea and I would love to see how it goes.
  4. Rshore

    Rshore Valued Member Member

    Others may a differing opinions but ill tackle as much of what i can based on my experience in no particular order. First things first im a Hang on the back ( AquaClear always ) and spongefilter guy i have never used a canister and personally believe they are generally overkill for most tanks.

    Plecos species for 65 gallon there are literally a ton i could think of. And it would depend on what your wanting to get out of it , things like blue and or green phantoms( Baryancistrus sp.) would be cool additions the classic bristlenose are classic for a reason, all also briefly address those pictures of tanks carpeted in bristlenoses thats what happens when your breeding them 50-100 eggs clutchs with high survival rates will do that. If you have lots of driftwood and dont mind wood shaving your could go with a panaque species, i personally stray away from Panaque maccus, the Clown Pleco, but i really like my Panaque nigrolineatus. Then if you really wanna drop some cash you could go with something like Hypansictrus zebra, Zebra Pleco ( be aware these to best in extreme high temp (like 85)) or L-066 Hypansictrus sp.King Tiger pleco there is some great Peckoltia species as well that i cant think of at the moment just be aware that the various genus's of pleco have different dietary requirments ( Panaque woodeater,Hypancistrus and Peckoltia carnivors, Ancistrus omnivores) but this pleco list could literallly go on and on forever but ill finish it with my personal dream pleco, Panaque sp. L-397, if you find this pleco i will be eternally jealous forever.

    I kinda went on a bit of tangent on plecos there so i apologize for probably not answering any of your questions
  5. OP

    TXDadoo New Member Member

    Thank you for the suggestions!

    3-4 females sounds fine to me. I'll start with one plus a swimmer or two once it's all set up and the water's cycled.

    Also, it looks like I have some great research opportunities with all the varieties Rshore touched on.
  6. m

    mbkemp Valued Member Member

    Take a look at mattenburg filters. I've used canisters and hob's. Nothing Works like the big sponge imo

    If you get Angels they will eat any fry your plecos produce. Young bristlenose are hard to sex.

    If you get multiple plecos be prepared to feed in separate locations.