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    I have a 36 g bowfront tank and currently have an Aqueon silent flow 30. I know that you get better results by getting a filter that is used for larger tanks and I need some recommendations for an HOB filter. Right now the filter I have is not very cost-efficient and I would have to replace the filter pad because I can't change out the media in it. Any suggestions on what I should get?
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    Is the filter media falling apart or otherwise broken down such that it doesn't filter? If not just rinse your current media in old tank water and don't change it.

    If the media really needs to be changed buy a bag of cut to fit filter media (i have a marineland rite-size bag - cost me about $7 for 312 square inches). I just watched a video on amazon of your filter, looks like you could strip an old cartridge from the frame and wrap "cut to fit" media over it and it would go back in the holder nicely.

    If you still want something else, I know a lot of folks recommend the aquaclear because the filter box is so big you can put a lot of different media in it. My experience with it was not good due to frequent power outages (old neighborhood, lots of trees). I had a couple of them, they did not self prime at all: power comes back on and a screeching, empty, HOT filter pump is not a good thing to come home to.

    I use marineland penguin bio-wheel filters and have been very happy with them. When I upgraded from a 20 to a 46 bow, I bought a larger one for the larger tank and added the one from the 20 (i like a lot of filtration). The "new one" is 5.5 yrs old and the old one is probably 8-10, both still quiet and working well self prime as long as the water doesn't drop too far (I do prime them after PWC of >20%)..
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    andrew dinh

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    Yes the carbon media inside of the pouch is not able to filter the water very good and I can see it in the water clarity. I also try cleaning the filter floss but it gets starts to stick on the sponge and pull out. I would love strong filtration and a filter that would last a while. I'll think about getting the marine land bio-wheel.