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Discussion in 'Heaters' started by Bellatrix, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. Bellatrix

    Bellatrix Valued Member Member

    Hi all,

    I have a BiOrb and I want to add a heater for my White Clouds and my Amano shrimp to keep the water at 25c, the issue is due to the curved side I imagine it'll be hard to get one to stick.

    The BiOrb heater has awful reviews so I want to get a different one that can possible lay on the bottom?

    Please reply as the water temperature will soon begin to drop due to colder weather. I know the White Clouds can endure cold water but the shrimp can't.

    Any recommendations greatly taken.
  2. Five 97

    Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Well, I have a via aqua quartz heater which works fairly good, but you have to set the temp higher than what you want in order to get the temp you want, but atleast it's consistent and cheaper.... btw, it's the other way around with white clouds, they'll thrive in a coldwater tank, but can survive in a tropical tank....
  3. OP

    Bellatrix Valued Member Member

    I'm looking for a bottom sitting heater.

    Apparently the Biorb Intelligent Heater is ok? Anyone got one of these?

    What do you mean it's the other way around? I said White Clouds can live in cold water but the Amano shrimp prefer warmer?
  4. OP

    Bellatrix Valued Member Member

    It doesn't matter now, my old man has spoken to Wayde from Tanked and he informed him that WCMM and Amano shrimp are COLD water dwellers. Though Amano can live in warm water too. They like water between 18-25c and although WCMM can live in warmer water, they're not actually meant too.

    He says 25c is way to hot for WCs.
  5. Five 97

    Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    That's right!
  6. B

    Bbarb27 Valued Member Member

    I keep my white clouds in an unheated tank and they have thrived for years.

    No experience with Amono's yet but I've considered adding them to my WCMM tank

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