Recirc pumps

  1. reefdude

    reefdude Valued Member Member

    About a month ago I had one of two of my recirc pumps die on me. I got a new one. Anyway, today I found out the other one died on me! These pumps are only 6 months old y'all! Any advice on this issue or ideas???:;fru
  2. S

    Steve McKay Valued Member Member

    First,what kind of circulation pumps were they?Two,did you take them apart and clean them?Three,what are are you doing with a Yellow Tang in a 34gal.aquarium?
  3. OP

    reefdude Valued Member Member

    They are Red Sea pumps, after I took it out and took it apart it worked fine. The Yellow Tang is in there until I get my 65G ready, then he goes in there. He's still a pup. The guys at my LFS say he'll be fine until the other tank is ready...