Recent, Referenced Article On Columnaris

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    thanks for sharing
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    Great read, thank you

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    Interesting read! One question which I'm hoping someone can clarify for me - I was under the impression that since columnaris was gram negative, and erythromycin treated gram positive that it wouldn't work, but it was listed in the list of the low MIC antibiotics along with Kanamycin?
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    I think erythromycin and kanamycin can be used to treat infections caused by some gram positive bacteria, some gram negative bacteria and also some other organisms including some fungi.
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    I've seen erythromycin listed as effective in some papers. I'd prefer kanamycin though. One advantage is that you can sometimes find erythromycin locally as Maracyn whereas finding kanamycin locally is next to impossible...

    But a good aquarist stocks up on antibiotics before they're needed, right?
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    A lucky aquarist has no need of them in the first place.
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    I agree with you, Redshark1! I read that Columnaris does better with two antibiotics, perhaps that's why they state two.