Recent move, combined tanks, can this tank stay as is?

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    Ok so my family and I moved from southern TX to eastern NC. In TX we had a 55, a 37, a 29, and (2) 10s. The 55 had (3) swords, (3) mollies, 1 BN Plec, (6) emerald corys, and (2) pearl gourami in it. They all made the move in a cooler with all the plants and a filter sponge running. The 29 had (4) corys and some babies, a BN Plec, and (8) neon tetras. The 37 had three angels which I sold before we left. One 10 had a betta and the other 10 had (5) guppies.

    ALL of the fish (and assorted snails) except the angels made the trip in the cooler and were then all moved into the 55 gal when we got to NC. The 55's filter media traveled in aquarium water so no loss of bacteria, hopefully anyway.

    So now the 55 gallon holds (10) cory cats, (2) BN Plecs, (3) swords, (3) mollies (all female), (8) neon tetras, (2) pearl gourami, and (5) guppies (all male) and about 6 or 7 nerite snails. The tank has sand substrate, driftwood, live plants, and a croc skull decoration that acts as a cave for the cat and plecs to zoom in and out of. There are a few baby cory maybe 4 or 5 that are also in as well that don't count towards the total that I gave earlier. Eventually they will be sold when they reach full size. The swords are 1 male and two females.

    My question is can I leave the 55 stocked the way it is. Everyone seems to be getting along fine, tank has been up and running for just about two weeks now. We do a 20% water change weekly like we did before we moved. I will grab this weeks water parameters for you and update with those but I don't have them in front of me as I type. I do remember them being "good" but not the exact ranges. We use the API liquid tests.

    The betta was set up in a 10 by himself although he did travel with the rest.

    I have the 29 up and it's being cycled again because it's filter got smashed when we moved. The 37 and the other 10 are sitting empty, the 37's filter was also lost because the box that the filters were moved in had something else drop on it. Thankfully all the tanks made it through just fine, and I'm thrilled we had no losses with the fish.

    I could move someone into the 29 if I HAD to, but I like how the 55 looks with everyone in it. That being said I want everyone to be happy and comfortable. I could add more filtration to the 55 if needed, it has an AquaClear 70 on it right now.

    I want to set up some shrimp in the 29 after it finishes cycling, with maybe something small in it fish wise. I'm holding off on setting up anything else because I haven't finished unpacking/settling everything else in and I don't want to have to move a tank around after it's up and running.

    Thanks for any and all help!!
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    I would move the mollies (they can cross breed with the guppies), the neons (they need the temp cooler than the pearls. Neons like it under 75 and Pearls are comfortable around 77 min.) and the plec into the 29g. Are all the corys the same species?

    I would also increase water changes on both tanks to at least 50% weekly. You do have some pretty high waste producers and both tanks would be pretty decently stocked.

    And I would say you definitely need another filter on the 55g. The AC70 generates 300gph. Recommended for HOB's are 8-10x the filtration so I would add another filter that has a flow rate of at least 250gph.