reccomended algae eaters?

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    what would people reccomend as a good algae eater that does'nt get too big? its mainly for my plants as im sick of replacing them after they get overun in time by algae. i have a community tank and bought 6 otto's but these lil guys as hard as they try just dont seem to do much/any damage.
  2. Innocent159

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    Start by looking at the cause.. Could be light time. Excess of a certain trace element. I'm no expert but I had algae bloom because my tank was too close to a window.. Now I moved it and even the plants that had algea hair on is doing much better. Also adjusted my. Light period to two 4 hours periods to minimise algae growth on slow growing plants.
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    you know after 7 months of being in the hobby i thought id be pretty much a pro, oh how wrong was i haha thanks guys hopefully i can get this figured out