Reccomendations for rescaping my 30 gal?

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  1. Jenbug0901Valued MemberMember

    I hope I'm posting this in the right spot! I have had a 30 gal. tank set up for several months now, but I've decided I would like to replace my plastic decor with live plants. I am also considering replacing my gravel with sand, or at least doing 50-50. At the moment I have an electric blue Jack Dempsey, a common pleco, an angel, a dwarf gourami, 2 blueberry and 1 strawberry tetra, one unidentified small fish (a rosey something), one African dwarf frog, and 1 apple snail. I want to get plants that my snail and pleco won't demolish (I feed them veggies so I assume there are plants they will eat.) Anyone have any plant suggestions? I'd also welcome any thoughts on sand v.s. gravel for the plants, fish, and over all look of the tank!
  2. alinkWell Known MemberMember

    First things first...

    Don't kill the messenger, I am just trying to help you as there are a few things I am concerned about for the health of your fish and tank.

    Some of the fish you have in that tank, dont belong in that tank for various reasons. The EBJD, Common Pleco, and the ADF for sure shouldnt be in there. EBJD get too big for that tank and will be far to aggressive to coexist with your other fish. Common Pleco will get way to big for that tank, reaching a max length of 18" or more. ADF need a short tank so they can easily reach the surface.

    I think finding those 3 inhabitants a new home is priority numero uno.

    Then, you should top off the tetras to a school of 6. Those fruit tetras can be mixed with different kinds, but need a total of at least 6 in the school. If the other small fish is a Rosy Barb, they get about 5 inches and need a group of at least 6. IMO, the group of 6 fish at 5 inches each will be too much for a 30 gallon tank. Plus they are nippy and will likely tear up the fins on your Angel fish. I would recommend rehoming the one you have. I would do a bottom dweller like cory cats (6 to 8) of the same species.

    Then at this point you would have a dwarf gourami, angel, school of at least 6 tetras and a school of cory cats and the snail. I think that is a great start to your tank. If you want another cichlid, you could do a pair of Rams as well.

    Now you can start rescaping it. I would start with changing to sand completely. Mixing gravel and sand can work, but usually will lead to more headaches than its worth. Most plants will do okay in sand, you might need to use root tabs or a fertilizer, and then you will need a light rated at 6000K to 7000K for optimal health and growth of the plants.
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    I really appricate the advice, I learned pretty quickly that my LFS had no idea what they were talking about when it came to compatibility. I forgot to add that I have 3 cory cats as well. I just had to re-home my green barbs because they were too aggressive for my tank. The rosy fish is some type of tetra. I started off with 6 tetra but am down to the 4 if you count the rosy one. Every time I tried adding more they die off so I just stopped adding fish for a while. I'm working on setting up a 75 gal for my EBJD and pleco, but they are small enough right now that I'm confident they will be fine for the couple months it will take me to gather supplies and get it cycled. I had no clue about the ADF, but I guess I can figure something out. Are you recommending that I wait to change my tank decor until I have the new tank set up and get everyone moved?
  4. MtnTigerWell Known MemberMember

    I would suggest you use all of your efforts and resources in getting the 75 gal up, running, and cycled before making any changes to your current set up.

    No reason to add any more stress.