Rearrangement Help?


Okay, so I’m itching for some change, but I can’t figure out what to do.

I have two male bettas, each happy in their 2.5 gallon tanks. I have a ten gallon planted community, and a planted 5 gallon with no fish. I’m planning on planting the betta tanks soon, also.

I was thinking about planting the 5 gallon a bit more and getting a pea puffer, but I also have an empty 5.5 gallon and 10 gallon. My hamster passed, and that also leaves me with a 40 gallon.

I’m open to any suggestions regarding moving existing fish into other tanks, and I would also consider animals that aren’t fish for any empty tanks. I feel like this is really vague, but I’m looking for something to do over the summer, and this could be lots of fun.

Thank you!


You need to bump the betta aquariums up to at least a 5 gallon minimum. 2.5 gallons is way to small for the bettas.

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