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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by ppozma, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. ppozmaNew MemberMember

    Hi, I haven't time for trawling through the forum, and am praying that someone might be able to help quickly as my fish are suffering!
    My tank is planted, with bogwood and has been established since last Oct, I cycled it and tested for ammonia before I added any fish.
    We gradually added fish until january, when we had;
    10 Neons
    5 Peppered cory's (3 now deceased)
    4 Bronze cory's (3 now deceased)
    4 Otocinclus (3 now dead)
    2 pairs of dwarf gourami's
    5 lemon tetras
    4 glass catfish (1 dead, one close, and one following the same pattern)
    Water perameters are ok, according to my test kits and also two local fish shops, PH 8.0, 0 ammonia 0ppm, nitrate <0.3ppm.
    We did not lose any fish for a good while, but recently we are really struggling, there are two patterns emerging, my cory's just turn over and die literally, as do the Otto's. My (wife's) beloved glass catfish will begin by swimming by the surface for a couple of days, then drop and lay on their sides on the bottom. They then will sporadically dive about before almost losing the will to live/suffocating, lasting 2 0r 3 horrible days.
    My remaining Oto does have red gills as well, and I have noticed a couple of lemon tetra's flashing against the bogwood and the whole lot seem to be a bit cranky, chasing each other and then hiding away.
    Obviously, it is awkward diagnosing in a forum, but I have even phoned the local vet and he couldn't help. It seems in the UK we have a "it's only a fish" situation,but that isn't for me,my fish are suffering, and I hate it.
    I do condition my water as I change it by the way,20% each week.
    Thanks for any help!!!!
  2. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore!!!

    Im sorry for your losses :(

    using stress zyme isnt a bacateria that will cycle the will give you false readings and your LFS should know that...but most will sell you stuff to make money....sad but true

    although you say the tank perimeters are fine, it sounds like ammonia :( what test kit are you using? you should have 0 for ammonia/nitrites and under 20 nitrates...I dont see a posting for nitrItes but you have them posted in your aquarium info? at this point, I would find either PRIME or AMQUEL+ and start with daily water changes to keep them safe......the prime or amquel+ will detox the ammonia/nitrites (that I think your tank has because of the use of stress zyme) for 24 hours until another water change......

    getting an api liquid master test kit, would also be a good idea...its VERY reliable and will do hundreds of tests for you well as it has everything you need.....

    good luck!!!!!
  3. ppozmaNew MemberMember

    Thanks for speedy reply, I use the Tetratest Laborett, and the API ammonia test kit.
    Last hour, the worst glass catfish is dead!
  4. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    find some prime or amquel+ and do a 40% water change asap ....then do them daily as the stress zyme is your issue im sure:( sorry again for the losses and hope things look up soon!!!!!!!
  5. ppate1977Well Known MemberMember

    Shawnie has good advice. Time is of the essence. Get that prime or amquel+ and do daily 40 - 50% water changes. Important to do each day as the effects of prime as far as ammonia are concerned, is only 24 hours. Good luck and best wishes
  6. ppozmaNew MemberMember

    Thanks again, Problem I have is that my tap water tests worse than my tank water with regards to ammonia, so I treat with Aquaplus. Am I doing more harm than good by changing vast amounts of water? I will try and find some amquel tomorrow. Have just fed them (I do know overfeeding is a factor in ammonia build up, as is my high ph), and they are all darting about beautifully-except my poorly glass catfish! The other glass catfish is still skulking about in the plants though, so until I nail this, I won't be able to look at restocking my our tank-I just want them to enjoy life as much as fish do!
  7. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    aquaplus is a great conditioner but doesnt do anything for ammonia/nitrites :(
    high ph will go and settle itself when the tank properly cycles ....once the tank cycles properly, the ammonia should be ok in the tap and will be processed quickly ...again the prime or amquel+ will help with that also.....I wouldnt restock until the cycle issue is fixed .
  8. ppozmaNew MemberMember

    Excuse my ignorance! Would you sat my Tetra Laborett is not accurate, when I kept fish 20+ yrs ago, Tetra seemed like world leaders, are they not now? I find it strange that both myself and 2 fish shops say my water is fine, but my fish keep dying in the same horrible way!
    I'm sure I'm missing something really daft, but cant see it.

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