Really good, or really lucky?

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    Okay, about 7 months ago my girlfriend bought me 2 fish for a present. I quickly became engrossed and got more, and they all died. Well except 2 of them. I did my research and it was because I did not cycle the tank. I then bought a 55 gallon and cycled it before moving the surviving dwarf Gourami and red wag platy into it, I then purchased 6 glofish, and 10 red tailed rainbow sharks. After 5 of the 6 glofish died but everyone else was living still, I gradually introduced 3 black mollys, 3 panda platys, and a bristlenose pleco into the 55 gallon, and had no problems whatsoever. I had one incident where one of the sharks killed a platy but nothing else after that. I simultaneously had a 10 gallon housing a crown tail betta, and 5 neon tetras. I bought a 40 gallon, cycled it and decided to combine the two tanks fish together to make one single community, minus the sharks whom I have rehomed. I have had no problems and every fish gets along and lives fine together. But I have read recently that, not only should the sharks be kept by themselves with only 1 of them, but that also the betta and gourami, glofish, and pleco do not get along. So I ask you did I simply get lucky? Or was this due to the heavily planted aquascape, and water conditions I provided?
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    Firstly, welcome to fishlore!

    If you were lucky, your luck will eventually run out, as it does with all of us when we make mistakes. Yes, the sharks were totally overstocked. Eventually they would grow and there won't be enough plants in the world to keep them safe. Betta and gourami are the same. And the neon tetras will begin to drop if left in that 10 gallon tank. They need more vertical space to swim.

    Survivors for the moment does not suggest survivors in the long run. As they grow and mature, they will experience increasing levels of stress. Increased stress means a greater likelihood of disease. The disease will spread and eventual kill the majority of the stock. Rehoming the sharks was the right thing to do. Did you return the sharks? If they are still in the same tank, it will cause real problems.
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    The sharks were given to a few friends who have much larger tanks, the neon tetras are in the 40 gallon with the rest of my fish now, and really I have had no problems at all, yet. But thank for replying so quickly!