Real talk- frozen food question


I am considering getting a pea puffer and I know they need love for frozen food over dry.. i am wondering though how long a defrosted cube or piece of cube can be in fridge? I thought a week but after a few days some frozen food smells tank and I throw it out. I don’t want to waste money either.. I mean it is stinky fish food so it should smell right? lol thanks!


Get the kind that comes in flat packs instead of cubes and that way you can break off small pieces to defrost instead of a whole cube.


I may not have a pea puffer, but my Apistogramma also gets frozen food, every other day. I cut 1/8 to 1/6 off the cube with a knife and immediately defrost it in a small bowl of tankwater, and back into the freezer the rest goes. If you leave it in the fridge I'd toss all that's left after 24h and two feedings.

In any case it is is not necessary to thaw a whole cube.


I just honestly defrost it
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