Real automatic water changing sytem

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    I do plumbing as part of my trade but I wanted to let you all know what I did. First I have the kind of well water where I live that can go directly into the tank without treatment. If you have to treat water you might have to get water from a pretreated tank or a RO unit. I know nothing about them.

    I used 1/2" copper pipe and soldered everything but any trip to a home depot or similar place could easily set you up with plastic tubing. Any DIY could use that stuff it all snaps together. Be sure wether use use copper or plastic tubing that you use piping recommended for potable (drinkable) water.

    I tapped into a hot water pipe and installed a Honeywell mixing valve. This is the only one I found that had a min temperature of 70F. Then I drilled a hole in the floor to run 1/2" pipe behind the fish tanks. From there I ran a ball valve attached to a regular metal pipe (the kind use use to hook up a sink or a toilet valve) to attach to a toilet float switch. Lastly I adjusted the float to the right level.

    To remove the water and vacuum the gravel I installed a Marineland 1200 power head. This power head has nipples that unscrew from the in and out ports on the unit. So I picked up a nipple that would screw in and attach to a gravel vac hose. I ran some plastic hose just like the kind you have on your gravel vac through another hole I made in the floor to a drain in my cellar. I set the pump to run on a regular timer just like you use to turn your lights on when you go on vacation. Every day now the pump comes on and siphons out water for whatever amount of time or as many times you set it for. If I want to vacuum the gravel I remove the suction sides nipple and screw in the one that fits the gravel vac.

    The toilet fill valve automatically tops it off again.

    Nice and easy!!

    I can try to post some pics later when I get some free time but I wanted to share and couldn't wait.
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    that is pretty sweet! kinda jealous.

    just be carefully with the copper pipes some inverts will die quick with copper in the water
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    Sounds awesome !
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    Ive been wondering about a theory like that I had always had the issue of the temp of the water. Now I have an easy solution!

    Does the fill valve look at all obtrusive in the tank?