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Teishokue mentioned his Japanese blue "Endler's," and I had to look them up. It turns out that they're feral poecilia reticulata that were released into a river in Japan and rediscovered in the 1980's. The females apparently prefer blue, and that's part of how they ended up looking the way they do--unlike Endler's who prefer orange and certain patterns. Very cool! Unfortunately, I'm not up to buying the rest of the article, and I just know I'm going to forget to ask my husband to get a copy through the university library. My brain just isn't what it used to be!
Here's a link to the article by Sathyan and Couldridge that I found in case you want to read more:
BTW, the authors also cite Endler among others.
So, those extra fan tail fry that you dump in the river instead of taking them to be feeder fish just might end up becoming prized specimens in a couple of decades!
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