Reading Api Test Kit

  1. DHIWZ

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    I need some clarification on how to read the API test kit, since it appears the manner in which I do so greatly impacts my interpretation of the result.

    The first picture shows my nitrate test held just above the white of the manual. It reads a nitrate reading between 5-10 ppm.

    The second picture shows my nitrate test held against the manual. It reads a nitrate reading of 40 ppm.

    Which one is correct? For what it's worth my tank shrimps and snails all look healthy and are thriving.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  2. mclemente06

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    Held against the white gives the most accurate reading, as written in the manual
  3. AllieSten

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    I always hold it against something white to get the best answer. The color differences are very slight.

    You could try the dilution test. Use distilled water. Fill the test tube with 2.5ml of distilled and then 2.5ml of tank water. Run the test like normal. Whatever the end result is, multiply it by 2. The only thing it doesn't work for is the pH.