Re-seal 30g Tank

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    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but I re-sealed a 30g tank my friend gave to me for free since she said the tank is at least 10 years old and it's never been done yet, so I felt it was time. I used GE silicone I, no anti-mold or anti-fungus or anything added. I waited a little over 2 days for the silicone to cure before adding water. Last night I filled it for the first time and let it sit overnight (planning to let it sit longer, just wanted to have a quick check this morning). However, when I checked, there were micro-bubbles covering the entire tank, however no bubbles were in the silicone at any of the seams. Just wondering if this is a cause for concern and why would this happen? Thanks in advance!
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    The micro bubbles are normal forming on the glass of a dry tank.
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    there is an existing thread "microbubbles freshwater"....take a look and c if it helps!
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    Ok, thank you both!