Re-homed Female Convict Due To Spousal Abuse, Wondering About Long Term Feasibility Of New Home.


I have a breeding pair of convicts that had to be separated. After moving the convict family (mom dad and most recent batch of fry) into the hospital tank for a few days to re-scape their tank (30g long) after getting a 3d background. They were fine in the 20 gallon long hospital tank, but once they were moved back to the re-scaped 30 gallon long the male started beating on the female. They had always gotten along (even after moving from a 37g with fry). If I didn't move her I think she would have been killed. So I moved her into my 135g. She is the smallest (about 3 inches).

The 135g is stoked with:
1 red severum (7 inches)
1 Uaru (7 inches)
5 blue acara, 2 electric blues & 3 "regular" blue acaras (5 inches each)

Its been about a week since the re-homing of the female convict. She seemed to fit in fine. No fin nipping or any fighting other than the occasional "get out of my territory" nudge. However, everyone seems on edge. more fish seem to be hiding in their respective territories more and coming out less. I have noticed one of my electric blues up in the corner of the tank, not all the time, he/she does come down and act normal still. but I occasionally find him up there. I'm not sure but the convict may view the electric as a love interest? Sometimes it looks like she is schooling with the 2 electric blues. She isn't biting but is very clingy.... She also seems to be getting more comfortable. She isn't the dominant fish, but is holding her own and seems to be on pretty equal footing.

My question is... Can she stay in this tank peacefully? or will she eventually start bullying and take over the tank? (her being the smallest and a female is why it might work, but I don't know. I have the option of bringing her to my local fish store. Even though they don't really want anymore convicts (she is the mother of many of their convicts). But, I think they'll take her in this situation (I just won't ask for store credit this time).
I could see her becoming more aggressive in the long term, but should be fine for now.
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After posting this I noticed she was herding my 2 electric blues up into the corner, so I took her out and brought her back to the LFS. I think it was fate because there was a school of 6 denison barbs (roseline sharks) about 3 inches each. I had been researching those to add to this tank. They were pricey online but I got them for half the online price. They should help to bring everyone out of their hiding places.

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