Re Did Betta Tank Question

  1. Nightshadethebetta

    Nightshadethebetta Valued Member Member

    I redid my betta tank today! I discovered my local pet store had lovely plants (and greener than the ones I had). The ones I purchased from PetSmart just all kinda died :( But I got new ones! The thing is, there is just less. It’s a 2.5 gallon tank and I recently got a nerite snail (88 cents!!) to go in and help clean things up. So is this enough for my tank? Will my betta feel safe/happy with less stuff? I have a tiny fake plant I could put in, but I’m not sure. I know my tank isn’t the prettiest but I’m doing my best! :)

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  2. GettinTanked

    GettinTanked Valued Member Member

    It looks lovely. :)
  3. picolo003

    picolo003 Valued Member Member

    Very nice looking tank and it will be enough for your betta, especially with the floating plants
  4. sleow

    sleow Valued Member Member

    I agree with the others, looks great! There is beauty in simplicity :happy: I love the floating plant and I'm sure your betta does too!