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  1. Mazeus

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    Hello all,

    This morning I awoke to find my fish looking quite distressed. I immediately checked the water and I had 1ppm annomia, 0 nitrites, somewhere between 10-20 nitrates. I did an immediate 50% water change and dosed the tank with prime.

    I checked again this afternoon and I have 0.5ppm annomia, 0.25 nitrite, 20 nitrate.

    My tank stocking is as follows:
    15g (57L)
    10 chili rasbora
    2 sparkling gourami
    1 mystery snail
    also some gourami fry and pest snails.

    I have moved most of the fry to a 5g (which is also still cycling)

    I added the snail this week, everything else in the tank has been there for 3 weeks to 1+ months. I had a snail food incident, where I made homemade snail gel food and it just desolved in the water releasing food particles everywhere (learnt my leasson, always follow a recipe!). I suspect this has a lot to do with my sudden mini cycle.

    I am correct in thinking that I haven't lost BB, rather I have overloaded the BB and they need some time to grow to meet the demand of the tank?

    I plan on daily water changes with Prime and Stability. Does this sound like the best course of action?

    Many thanks
  2. Fanatic

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    Yes, daily water change, and dose the stability along with prime.
  3. Mom2some

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    Sounds like you are on top of it! Yes to daily water checks & changes as needed. Sounds like a nice little community!
  4. OP

    MazeusWell Known MemberMember

    Thank! I had a bit of a panic, I have never intended to a fish-in cycle, now I have two running at the same time! Fish are all still alive and look happy.

    2 hours after this morning's water change and I have 0ppm annomia (hoorah!), 0.5ppm nitrite, 20 nitrate. Getting there. Thank goodness for Prime!