Re-cycling In A Brackish Conversion?

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I have recently added Instant Ocean, to convert a well-aged 30 tall freshwater tank to brackish.
Density is about 1.010 and I intend to maintain it there.

This is running a small sump with floss, plastic media trickle filter, heaters, lava, and a 265 gph pushing a 36" head.

The return goes under the gravel first, up through it, up to the weir, and overflows to the sump. So everything flows up in this tank. There is also a 5" bio-sponge in the tank. It was running as a freshwater tank for over 16 mos.

I started adding the salt week ago after a full cleaning and big water change. I brought it up slowly for the first days and then faster the final 2 days. I don't know if this procedure made sense or not.

What should I expect to happen to the bacteria? I expected a huge die-off then a re-population over a few weeks, with different (salt tolerant) bacteria.
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