RCS regarding tank.

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    terangamite New Member Member

    Hi All,
    I am looking for a bit of advice in regards to RCS and a tank. I am able to get a AR620 Tank and Stand for $345.00AU.

    My intention was to put RCS in along with some fish,hence the larger tank.But after reading on here that really fish are not to be mixed with shrimp,I am in two minds to reduce the size of the tank down to Aqua One Aquastart 340 just to house shrimp.

    This set up will be about $270.00AU.

    I have a Aqua One 980T with fish in and did have shrimp in,most have been eaten,except one female and for some reason no fish look at her if they do she retaliates.The 980 consists of neons,rummy nose tetras,a couple of Bristlenose and a mix of bronze and peppered Corydoras.

    I was thinking of putting in a couple of bristlenose and some corydoras and a Siamese fighter in the 620 tank with the shrimp.

    Should I save the $ and just stick to a dedicated shrimp tank and go for the smaller 340 or should I fail in breeding shrimp get the larger tank and then use it as a fish tank.

    I will admit my heart is more set on having a shrimp tank,than another dedicated fish tank.

    Thank you.
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome. I usually say go big or go home but in this case...
    Shrimp do best, imo, in a dedicated species tank and I would in this case, buy the smaller tank.
    Good luck what ever you decide! :)
  3. OP

    terangamite New Member Member

    Thank you Claire,
    I have decided with the large tank and I will make that the dedicated shrimp tank.In the end it will sort of suit the rest of the decor in the lounge room.If the shrimp fails then at least I have a sort of decent size tank to have a go at salt water tank.