RCS glass surfing in QT?

  1. tokiodreamy

    tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    I bought a new 5.5g for a QT because my 10g was in use. My RCS has ellobiopsidae. He's been glass surfing ever since day 1. Mind you the tank was not cycled, but I've been monitoring the parameters and using prime and stability. In all honesty, it's giving off a cycled reading... A 0 Ni 0 Na maybe 2? It's basically impossible in 4 days because I didnt seed it with my filter media. Only used stability.

    Day 2-4 was blackout
    Day 4-5 1ml of paraguard. Slowly increasing each day

    He hasn't eaten and I mainly only see him either sit in 1 place or glass surf.

    The tank:
    74F room temp
    Ph 7.8 (tap)
    Tetra whisper 10i (which I hate)
    Air stone
    Sand sub
    3 fake plants
    Indian almond leaves
    1 marimo moss ball
    1 decoration he can hide in

    Any advice is good
  2. HelloUnderwaterWorld

    HelloUnderwaterWorld Member Member

    I think it's normal behavior as I've noticed that my red cherry does that also. It may be picking algea off the walls.
  3. OP

    tokiodreamy Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the reply! He's for sure glass surfing and not eating anything.
    I'm worried because he didnt do this before in his regular 5g tank and neither do any of my other shrimp