Rcs Gene Pool Project! Sell Me Your Extra Rcs!!

  1. cody2posh

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    Hey guys :)

    So I have a project I'm starting work on where I'm basically needing to cast as wide a genetic net as possible, so I'm looking to buy around 5 cherry shrimp from each participant, literally anyone whose willing to part with a few! My goal in this is that a lot of the same problems are starting to occur with RCS as you have with fish like Endler's and Guppies, where decades of selective breeding has really genetically weakened the population currently in trade. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed these same problems with your cherries. The plan is to basically have a massive genetic conglomeration from as wide a source as possible, breed these for a few generations, and so long as they seem healthy and hardy, begin to get these guys back out into the market. Obviously since I'm trying to revivify the gene pool I'm not going to be breeding for selective colors or anything, so what you see is what you get. Also obviously if I'm buying some from you, you'll get a discounted price on the new guys as well. I'm really hoping this will fix a lot of the problems we're seeing a rise in, like failed molts, oversensitivity to water parameters (yes we all know RCS are sensitive but it's getting ridiculous), failed clutches, etc.

    As an added bonus, if you want to donate any RCS, I'll send you back double whatever you send in (max 12) after a few generations (about 9 months) to allow proper genetic diffusion amongst the population. I'll send you back a young breeding set complete with sexed M/F at 3:4 ratio to maximize their growth in YOUR colony.

    This isn't a large scale project by any means, just a small one that I'm running for my own personal benefit and as a personal amateur scientific endeavor. I've figured if these are problems I've noticed with my RCS, chances are a majority of you have experienced them too, to one degree or another. So if a project like this clearly NEEDS to be crowd-sourced to work, why not pass these same (hopefully if they work) benefits back to everyone who's helped me get there?

    So yeah I think it's an interesting idea, one that a lot of us could potentially benefit from, and the community here is so active in working with each other I figured it's the perfect place to reach out with this kind of idea.

    If you're interested either message me directly or post in the thread and we can get in contact that way.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Thanks everyone, I'll keep you posted on any updates
    - Cody
  2. -Mak-

    -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    This is really cool, watching!
  3. Rtessy

    Rtessy Well Known Member Member

    Are you looking for pure red ones? Or were you thinking of maybe mixing different color morphs?

  4. OP

    cody2posh Valued Member Member

    Literally anything to get the gene pool to open up a bit
  5. Culprit

    Culprit Fishlore VIP Member

    I have some Fire Reds and Bloody marys I can send you, 3 of each. I'm leaving on vacay for 2 weeks from wednesday but when I get back we can work together and get those sent to you.
  6. emmysjj

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    Any updates on this?
  7. Corine

    Corine Well Known Member Member

    Interested if this is still going on.