RCS and red nosed Darwin shrimp for free/trade, java moss for sale/trade

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If you would like rcs of assorted sizes, please pm me. If you could pay postage I'll express post them, otherwise pick up is 2745. We can arrange drop off if you would like them delivered.

I also have an unknown quantity of Darwin shrimp. These guys are NOT in brackish, so I have no idea if they will grow to adulthood. I've got lots of adults, so you may get lucky like these seem to have. Some say they need a few months in brackish, some say that's not true and they will do well in wholly fresh water all their lives.

Any shrimp you get may have shrimplets of the other species in the bag, as the babies in each resemble each other and I can't always tell them apart, lol.

If you've got crystal red or others you want to sell or trade, please let me know. I've got heaps of java moss that can be sold or traded as well. Handball size $10.
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