Rate my fish tank and see if theres anyway i can improve it !

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Everlust, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. EverlustNew MemberMember

    I believe that there are many wisdom in fishlore's fishforum and im here to seek your wisdoms to see if i could improve my tank.

    Actually im not very sure how big is my tank. From how it looks it looked like an 15G like those i see on the net.
    Maybe you all could help me estimate my tank. I took a measurement , its 33cm X 20cm X 22cm if im going buy L X W X H.

    I have boiled the driftwood to get rid of the tannins several times and it worked very well. I have also Cacomba plant which the fishes seems to appreciate it. Also , i have a box filter and a light. I not sure about the stats of the light as i threw away the box, it was bought months ago when i knew nothing about fishes, only knowing that i wanna get a tank soon.

    I have changed from a betta fish , to cherry shrimps with neon tetra , to guppys and finally now gourami(with neon tetra) . The previous few died and i dont want to have the same mistake again. I have gone through trouble learning about the nitrogen cycle after all my dear fishes died one after another. This time round they are making it good but im afraid that i might miss out something. Also, i dont think that my dwarf gourami is stress because people said that they are territorial and cant live together with their own species well. Before they are even bought at a LFS , they have keep kept in a smaller tank and they were all friendly with each other. They also share their territory near the driftwood.

    So, any wise word from you all ? I will really need it mates. Please help this beginner with his beloved fish. Leave some comments on the video on youtube for me too ! All i can say now is thanks in advance.

    Extra information about my tank(which is think is necessary for you all to have in order to help me) :
    I have used anti-chlorine , i feed sometimes frozen brineshrimps , but most of the time granula.
    I had this tank cycled for 2 day and then placed in the fishes.
    I had these fishes for about 1 week now and they seem healthy , which makes me happy :D
    I did a recent change of 30% of water and used siphon to sucked out all the poops on the base.
    I feed twice a day. About 5 minutes of slow feeding each time with little portion , as i only have 1 bottom feeder(trinidad pleco) , it would mess up if all of them dropped to the base.

    If my information provided is not enough , i apologize and feel free to ask! Give some feedback on my tank as well :D
  2. EverlustNew MemberMember

  3. uphill4meValued MemberMember

    Sounds like a pretty small tank!
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  4. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, I am sure others who are more experienced than me will chime in. however, you might want to start saving for a bigger tank or making long term plans to rehome the pleco. The trinidad pleco grows to be 24 inches in size from what I read. I have a 30 gallon aquarium, and am planning to get a bristlenose pleco - bristlenose plecos grow to be only 5 inches in size not counting the fins, but even that type of pleco would probably be too large for your aquarium once it grows up. have you considered small shrimp or snail for cleanup crew instead of a pleco? Other than that, I am still a newbie myself, so I hope someone more experienced will have more advice for you! All the best!
  5. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    According to my calculations, your tank is just under 4 gallons. That is definitly too small for Dwarf Gouramis and Plecos. Additionally, usually the Dwarf Gouramis you see in the pet store of juvinials and will pretty much get along. But as they mature the begin to be intollerant of one another.
  6. uphill4meValued MemberMember

    That's just a little plastic container in the video. Obviously loved but really just an elaborate fish bowl. You are going to want a bigger tank.

    When purchasing, consider the cost of pumps, filters, heaters, water additives, fish (can be spread over great time), food, lights, plants, fertilizers, substrate (sand/gravel). Learn a little about each individually and get what best meets your long term needs vs what is on sale or in a package (package bad). Get the biggest tank you can realistically afford to maintain and devote appropriate space in your home to. No point in buying a necessary accessory because it's really cheap only to purchase the proper accessory later.

    Bigger means:
    -More stable ecosystem (much less work than same quantity in several small tanks)
    -Fewer restrictions on possible fish, plants and decorations
    -More diversity/actual schools of fish
    -Much more enjoyment.

    *The dimension that limits you the most is the smallest dimension. A 12 inch tank is still only a 12 inch tank if it is 6 feet long! Wouldn't a 24 inch tank at 3 feet be more versatile?

    I understand if you want to start small, most people do. 10 gallon is most common starter size but even 20 is so much better.

    Here's a cheap starter set up for under $100 (plus fish, food and water additives) where I live in Canadian dollars (close to US dollar) same set up costs about half south of the boarder.

    $10-pet store - 10 gallon tank (when a glass shop has thin defective glass it is auctioned and the good part is cut off to make 10 gallon tanks.)
    $15-pet store - cheap air pump (shallow tanks are easy to pump into)
    $10-pet store - air hose and stone (insert vertically into tubed sponge)
    $25+ -pet store - good quality 50 watt heater (Many fish do not require heaters, check what you might like without a heater)
    $2.50-pet store - plastic tube for an undergravel filter (will need cut to appropriate height) insert into sponge
    $5-pet store - floating plants
    $8-pet store - dark sand
    $10-glass shop- glass lid
    $9-walmart-60 watt desk lamp with adjustable lamp position (multiple for small-medium tanks)with compact flourescent bulb; (13 watts gives comparable room light to old 60 watt incandecents with better quality light.)
    $1-craft store - thick, fine sponge (more surface area is better, can be cut into wide fins to increase) cut hole for under gravel filter tube
    $1-craft store - black or dark paper to tape onto back and sides

    Happy shopping.
  7. EverlustNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the advices , I wish I could have a bigger tank now , but my house don't use anymore spaces left , but I'm moving house soon , and mom said she would save me a huge spot for my aquarium . Furthermore , in Singapore , of you said mine was a 4 gallon , then a 10gallon glass tank would have cost about 30, 10 bucks was already the prize for this size in Singapore . But I really will take those advices to heart , thanks load guys !
  8. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    Sometimes those of us who live in the US forget how luxurious our space in our homes is, and thus we can afford to give our fish or other pets more space as well. It is good to have a reminder that this is not always the case in other countries. You are lucky to have a mom who is supportive of your hobby, and willing to provide you more space in new home. One idea: if you have a community center or other community space (maybe connected with your school or a religious community?) where maybe you and some friends could together invest in a larger aquarium and share the cost and the maintenance and the enjoyment of a larger community tank? Sometimes when personal space and personal budget are limited, a community / cooperative solution may be a good idea to explore. Best!

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