Rasboras Caught in Aquaclear

Discussion in 'Cyprinids (includes Goldfish)' started by amber0107, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    Any idea how my micro rasboras or dwarf rasboras got caught under the media basket in my new aquaclear 30? I even have a sponge over the intake. They used to swim up the output occasionally in my old top fin filter, but they haven't done it in a while. I know they like swimming in the current, but I just can't figure out how they'd get underneath everything. 3 of them were there. They appear stunned since I got them out, just kind of staying still in the middle of the tank. No obvious damage except for a tiny bit of messed up caudal fin on one of them.
  2. Meeps83Well Known MemberMember

    Kind of reminds me of Finding Nemo...Maybe they are trying to escape! Other than that, I'd be as flabbergasted as you as to how they got through everything and under the media basket with no damage.
  3. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    My friends used to do that how she got it to stop was lower her water level 2 inches from the rim of the tank.Good luck
  4. amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    I may have spoken too soon about them appearing to be fine. Two of the ones that were stuck appear sick this afternoon. One has a white spot on its lip the other one looks fuzzy. I had an issue with one guppy a month or so ago that got sick with what appeared to be columnaris and died while everything else in the tank survived. I've pulled these two sick ones out to watch and I'm doing a large water change in case whatever caused my guppy to get sick has infected these two since they were stressed probably all night long in the filter.

  5. amber0107Well Known MemberMember

    Do rasboras tolerate salt? The cottony growth on the top of my rasbora is getting larger and I thought I should try something to help. I don't think it will make it, but if anyone has any advice, pass it on. Been down this road with the guppy before and it was gone before I could formulate a plan.

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