Rasbora Nightmare


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2 years
I had 5 harlequin rasbora's last night. They where all doing fine until I checked on them before going to sleep, one was swimming in bursts upside down and the others where schooling in a corner near the surface. For background info I had just done a water change that day and had lightly sprayed Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of some out of control algae, as I had done before with no repercussions. I know that's not a permanent solution. The tank (a pretty well planted 20 gallon tall) has been set up for two years now, only encountering pretty normal problems at first like Ich and some fungus issues. Right now all that is left is a female German Blue Ram, 1 male platy, and 1 L182 starlight pleco(juvenile). I have had most of the rasbora's the whole 2 years. I would blame the Hydrogen Peroxide but none of my fish display any illness. The rasboras, when I fetched out their bodies, had a deep red underneath their gills. Im really confused. I would have thought that the ram or pleco would be much more sensitive to anything. Any info is helpful b/c I want to avoid this in the future. I will post water parameters as soon as I get home.
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