Raphael catfish sick??

  1. SilverDollarCity909

    SilverDollarCity909 New Member Member

    The woman that owned him/her before me said it hid a lot. It is now bloated and lethargic. Am I overfeeding it? Is it something more? What can I do? I don't have a qt.
  2. L

    Linwood Valued Member Member

    I am new to this, but I have one that I think is quite healthy, and he is VERY shy, he is very fat. Belly sticking down and circular. Fat. He almost never comes out in the daytime, and if you shine a light in whatever hole he is in, he retreats. Every once in a while in light time he will come out and swarm around against the wall or bottom or rocks.

    If you have just very, very, very (very!) dim lights on in the room where you can just barely see, and stand well away from the tank, you'll see him out and cleaning up.

    But (at least mine) I don't see pieces of food still on the bottom by the next day.

    When I first got him I worried he wasn't getting anything to eat. No more. I don't give him anything directly (and I am pretty sure he's getting all the algae pellets I occasionally put out for a pleco, I've started feeding him at the beginning of light period to try to keep some away from the raphael.
  3. OP

    SilverDollarCity909 New Member Member

    Sorry for not updating sooner. He died earlier today. The lady that had him before me had a 10g filter on a 75g tank and never changed the water. He had dropsy.