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    Whee! I've finally gotten my fish to live and stop dying! After losing 3po and Kyp in less than a month, I've been hesitant to post anything about my bettas on here. But my current five are alive and kicking. So here are some pics. Top to bottom: Robin, Belle, Weiryn, Loki, and Skif. Skif was sold to me as a female, but as you can see, he has GORGEOUS finnage. Ugh these pictures were a pain to take. Belle and Skif each took seven minutes. I got Skif to flare, but not on camera, lol. At least the twins cooperated. Robin is my prettiest, but Skif has the best colour, a dark blue that looks blacky here.

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    Nice work!
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    Aaaaaand I had to jinx it. Loki jumped, and Weiryn's tail is shredded. Lovely. *facepalm* at least belle and robin are playing nice.

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