Random Question About Quarantine Tanks.


I'm not using a quarantine tank, nor am I planning on adding anything new to my aquarium in the near future, but I was thinking about Q. tanks and had a question.

lets say you have picked up some new fish or shrimp or something, and 4 or 5 days in something starts to show signs of being sick or having a parasite.. do you then quarantine them from the quarantine tank? or do you treat the whole tank as if its infected and simply medicate everything new at once? if its a parasite or illness is there then a given amount of time to wait until zero symptoms show before introducing to the main tank, or if something was infected do you then scrap everything and never introduce the new fish/shrimp to the main group?

basically.. if a quarantine tank does its job and you discover a problem before its introduced into the main tank, how do you deal with it?

I'm basically curious because everything i've read so far only talks about the assumption that everything goes fine.. i.e. "just quarantine before adding and you'll be fine".

edit: I guess this goes for plants too? like if you discover tiny snails running around a couple quarantined plants.


Basically you treat the whole tank. Because odds are if one of the fish have something the others will too. You treat them until they’re clear of anything and then you can add themto your display tank. I try to give any new fish a month of observation and possibly treat if I notice any signs of something, but if they’re fine then I add them to the tank, others usually do more than a month.


Lets say I pick up 3 new fish. When I get home, I put all three of them in my qt tank. I like to qt for 4 weeks before adding to my main tanks, so if 4 weeks pass with no diseases, then great! I add them to the display tank. Is a disease does appear, I treat all 3 fish in the qt tank. They have all been exposed to the disease and might have it, even if they don't dosplay symptoms yet. Lets say I successfully treat them, then I will wait another 2 weeks after the last of the symptoms disappear (sometimes longer if they are still recovering) before adding them to the display tank.

The reason why you want to treat all of the fish in the qt tank and wait even after the symptoms disappear is because the fish won't show signs of disease immediately when they become infected. Like if you bump into someone with a cold, you probably won't start coughing etc for days after you saw the person.


I am very new to this so I might be wrong but I think you would treat all the fish in QT because they have been exposed to it most likely at the store you got them from and definitely in the QT with the infected fish. I have been doing a lot of research on this and considering setting a QT up soon as I lost quite a few fish from Columnaris (which I could have most likely avoided if I had used a QT). Definitely a learning experience

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