Random Bivalve Hitchhiker Question

  1. Taylorbudd

    Taylorbudd Valued Member Member

    So this came on a zoa colony rock i got from petco. Assumed it was dead and picked it off but it opened up so i guess its alive.
    Im thinking its a cockle?

    Are they useful at all or should i toss it? Was told it sucks up alot of calcium

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  2. Iverg1

    Iverg1 Well Known Member Member

    K so based on this site https://www.aquariumcarebasics.com/freshwater-clams/
    It would be good to keep as he will clean the tank but some of your fish might attack him. But if he dies he will be stinky (like all bivalveā€™s) and cause ammonia spikes sometimes he can die when he is buried so if you have ammonia spikes look in the gravel
  3. OP

    Taylorbudd Valued Member Member

    Sweet thanks!