Random Baby Fish I Purchased At My Work

  1. I took home this baby fish from the LFS I work at and I have no idea what kind of fish it is. The fish is at least over a month old and when I first purchased him, he just had bright blue eyes and a gray/silver body. I first thought he was a Norman's Lampeye Killi but now I feel like he could be anything! LOL- the dorsal fin is adjacent to the tail as opposed to being on the top of the body, and he is very chunky (not sure if it's the brine I've been letting them binge on, or if he's just naturally going to be a bit chunky). I see there is some orange along the tops of his pectoral fins and almost an orange outline around his whole body with a bit of a blue sheen across his silver body. His face definitely has a Killifish look to it with the wide mouth, but I'm not too sure. Any ideas as to what this little guy could be?

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    Impulse buys are never a good idea

    But very pretty whatever it is
  3. I have a lot of tanks and a lot of resources, but yes for people who don't know anything about fish, it's definitely a bad idea!
  4. Sorry guys, I think I just solved my own question! Looks like a Daisy's Blue Rice Fish to me, but I'd still take any suggestions if anyone thinks otherwise! This is what google results come up with:

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    Hah! I would have said the same even without seeing your other picture of the Daisy's.

    Ricefish for sure, Daisy's most likely. I still regret that I didn't by the pair from LFS 6 months ago, they are rare here and were quite expensive. I am a sucker for blue eyed fish and ricefish are amazing!!!!

    P.S. it is not a Norman's lampeye, I have those :)
  7. Awesome! I'm surprised I got ahold of one; my little guy is so adorable Do you have a picture of your Norman's setup? I've been looking into starting up a killi tank with my newly emptied 30 gallon but I'm not quite sure which kind of killis I should do!
  8. Oops, forgot to tag your post!
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    I have 10 Norman's lampeyes in a 40 breeder. They love to swim and are very active. They are very peaceful and live with lampchop Rasbora's, keyhole cichlids, kuhli loaches and BN pleco
    I am thinking about adding a few clown killies :)

    Lampeye adults don't prey on eggs and fry but juveniles will eat smaller fry.
    I love mine, they are very entertaining.
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    Wow nice tank
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    It does look nicer with no reflection. By the time it is dark, the tank light is out :)
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    Oryzias woworae, a.k.a. Daisy's Ricefish, one of my favorite fish. Not a killifish, actually in the same order as Halfbeaks and Needlefish (Beloniformes). Had a school of about 30-40 youngsters in a long 20 that I was raising up, but it was really fascinating to watch them move around the tank. Your fish is a male, as it has filaments off the anal and dorsal fins. One of my favorite things about the species is that females are almost as colorful as the males.