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Random ADF Observations

  1. Gamer

    Gamer Well Known Member Member

    I never had ADF's until recently, I've done alot of research on them, including onhere in this section and decided to take that leap (no pun) and now that I have them and they're doing good I just have noticed a few things.

    1. ADF's can be quite aggressive during feeding time. One of mine jumped at and nipped my betta who tried to eat some blood worms that were near it. Luckily no damage done. My betta has a passive personality toward them too luckily.

    2. I have been feeding frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp 1x a day, but am thinking of cutting it back to every other day as I fear they're getting too bloated/fat. I wonder if they can get too big as in unhealthy/overfed/etc.

    3. Overall these guys are a joy to watch when active and even when lying around. :)

    Oh and one was lying on it's back last night, I panicked, I did a big water change, now today it's just fine.
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    ADF's are so comical!

    They sure can be aggressive during feeding. Mine used to squibble all the time.
    Good thing they don't have teeth!

    ADF's sometimes dift down and lie on their backs. It's like they forget they're not supposed to do that or something! lol
    Scary isn't it?
    It's not normal for them to say that way for a long time. They should pretty quickly right themselves.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying yours.
  3. S

    SIRHC Valued Member Member

    Haha mine are soo aggressive during feeding time. When I drop in the pellets for them my betta chases the pellet right down to the ground and starts to eat real quick. When the frogs notice the food they come flying in like a pack of wolves and swat my poor betta away.

    Once my betta is outta the way its a 4 way battle between my frogs. They jump on each other, hit each other and they even get into those cartoon looking fights, where the two get tangled up and roll in the air, so funny to watch