Ramshorn Issues

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Aquarista, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. AquaristaNew MemberMember

    I got a ramshorn over two months ago, it is still alive but its shell went to pink and then to just ugly, with a center that is darkening , any ideas?

    thank you

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  2. LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    It's a ramshorn snail. I doubt it's going to die anytime soon. The coloration of his shell is probably just due to aging and maturing, and possibly also due to his diet and mineral levels in the water.
  3. AquaristaNew MemberMember

    okay, thank you, its my first real aquarium, so every creature is welcome, i have a 10G with ramshorn snails and I think pond snails, i see them struggle for territory, is it dangerous, do they kill each other?
  4. varmintWell Known MemberMember

    Poor shells on snails is normally a sign of calcium deficiency. Snails will not harm each other, but be prepared to be overrun with snails.
  5. ZiggythecatValued MemberMember

    I agree
  6. AquaristaNew MemberMember

    hmmm ty im told I can't add calcium to freshwater apparently, like by adding see shells, is the calcium deficiency dangerous for the snail?
  7. AquaristaNew MemberMember

    More Ramshorn issues for my favorite Aquagurus:
    1- found dead snails in a cloudy tank*, any realtion? Why would they die?
    2- 2 of the dead snails were interlocked, as though thay axphicsiated (sy) each other, any ideas?

    *Having major algae problems there with the green water that has now turned cloudy on the 'whitish/greyish' side

    Thank you all

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