Ramshorn infestation in filter 120 Gallon Tank

  1. Brainlady

    Brainlady Well Known Member Member

    Started to do tank maintenance on the 120 yesterday. It has a horizontal filtration system with 5 compartments. I use different filter material in some of the compartments. Anyway.... opened the lid on the first and took out the old filter materiel because I rotate washing it in tank water with adding new materiel every month or so. Complicated process! The whole thing was covered with baby snails!!! :;shI quickly opened the other containers (like little rectangular boxes that all connect with the filter tubing passing through) and each container was just covered with little black baby snails. Eeeeeek! I have no idea where they came from. I have 10 loaches..... 7 yo-yo and 3 Clown and there is no way a snail can survive in the actual tank. There must have been over 300 ++ little snails. I took all the filter media out and hosed it down on the front lawn (sorry snails:;a1). I then had to stomp on them because I was afraid run-off from the lawn could wash them into the drainage system. That would be bad for the environment I think. Couldn't think how to get rid of them any other way. I put new filter material in each compartment after washing each little box out (they are removable). Still cannot imagine how that happened. I am just glad I caught it in time as they could have really clogged my filtration system up. I did purchase some new plants to float in the tank and can only imagine that one of them had a snail on it.:;snail:;snail:;snail:;snail:;snail
  2. psalm18.2

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    Nasty little buggers. I have to laugh at the visual image of a grown woman stomping snails! Haha! Hope your tank doesnt go through a mini-cycle. I have had snails stop the impeller in filters before.