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    I have 3 rams and one of them looks really uncoloured in the gold head compared to the other two please see pictures attached.

    Does anyone have any requests for me to help this guy out is it just because he is not as dominant?
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  2. Sarah73

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  3. OP

    robyn123 Initiate Member

    What's that?
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  5. Skyy2112

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    Fin rot is a symptom of ich.
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    I have 3 German blue Rams, 2 female 1 male.
    The male has mated with one female and will chase away the other female when she gets close, which causes her to lose her beautiful colors.
    When she is swimming alone she's fine and colorful, but I guess when she feels threatened she loses her colors.
    Maybe the same thing?
  7. Sarah73

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    If she is stressed, that is why she is getting fin rot. It's caused by stress. Is she eating well?
  8. cnstowers

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    ^ directed at robyn123
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    Are you sure?
    Ive never heard this....
  10. happygolucky

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    No, it isn't...fin rot and Ich are two unrelated diseases.
  11. OP

    robyn123 Initiate Member

    Yeah I guess she gets chased around a lot so that could be why do you recommend separating her are you sure it's a girl I find them hard to sex
  12. tfreema

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    Loss of color is definitely a sign of stress which makes a fish more susceptible to disease. IMO Rams should be kept in pairs to reduce chances of aggression.

    I would move it to a qt, treat for fin rot (if you determine that is what it has) and look for a new home for it.