Rams With Ich

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by rmurray, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Alright so I bought some Rams and appistos 7 days ago and 6 days ago the gbr started showing ich. I bought a second heater and cranked em up.

    10gallon qt tank with an aqueon 10 filter and sponge filter.

    Yesterday the ebr started showing specs.

    With both heaters up 1 on max(marineland) 1 on 90(eheim) the thermometer says 85 degrees so I might turn the eheim to max.

    Maybe the sponge filter is creating to much surface bubbling cooling the tank.
    I ordered seachem garlic guard.
    Have been dosing API stresscoat with water changes. Every 3 days.
    Lfs has Kent garlic xtreme and ridich I can get these if they're compatible.

    For water changes I use aqueon water conditioner since Prime is too concentrate. Plus stability.
    Tank is cycled and probably has more biomedia than most 40gallons.
    What can I do? All this fish are still acting fine, should I continue current treatment just try to get the heat up?
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    I'd continue what you are doing, just try to get that heat up to 86.
  3. rmurrayValued MemberMember

    Yeah I used a temp gun it's at 89 degrees. Guess those cheap thermometers aren't that accurate lol
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    Just an update for the next guy. After 1 ram died at 89 degrees I went to the lfs. They gave me ridich as reimbursement. 2 fish started to recover within 2 days, 1 appisto died after showing no signs of change in a week. I just moved the 1 living ebr and 1 appisto to the main tank today after no signs of ich for about a month.