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My Husband and I are new to the fish world and are looking to expand our tanks. So far we have 4-5 tanks depending on what is necessary to keep our fish safe,

one 55 gallon with
-1 opoline gourami
- 1 Bolivian ram
- 1 sunset catfish (we are moving to our 180 gallon with cichlids once tank is set up and he grows)
-1 avocado pleco
-3 tiger barbs (getting 2 more because we were recommended they come in groups of 5)
-3 bosemani rainbows
-2 danios

we have another tank set up with
-2 dwarf gourami
-2 angel fish
-5 guppies
-2 plecos
-1 cory catfish

we have 2, 10 gallon tanks not yet set up that I was thinking of moving into one tank the guppies and dwarf gouromis to keep for our sons bedroom tank and keeping the other 10 gallon for a sick tank/treatment tank for new fish

we also have a 180 gallon tank that we were thinking of expanding our existing fish into eventually but that would end up eventually being an aggressive tank as I would love to get cichlids.
I personally am interested in a freshwater puffer for one of our smaller tanks (10-30 gallon may get more tanks+),
and southern/northern american cichlids for our 180 tank.
My husband is very interested in knifefish for a tank as well.

As you could have guessed, our dwarf gouramis and angel fish are NOT getting along in one of our tanks and I feel with due time our guppies will also not appreciate their environment. So far not much aggression outside of minor chasing around. I don't believe that guppies N dwarf gouramis are good tank mates for our angels.

What would you recommend for the time being?
Do I need to switch the ram into the angels tank and move guppies into smaller tank for now?
Planning on looking into more fish tomorrow and hopefully expanding into the 180 tank in the next month(its my 25th birthday tomorrow so we were thinking of upgrading into 180 gallon & expanding)
What cichlids do you recommend? I was thinking green terror, jack dempsy and thought flower horns were cool/ Someone told me they paired an oscar with southern/northern american cichlids which I didnt think was possible but thought was a cool idea (only if its safe for the fish)
If we got a knife fish would it interact well with cichlids?

Sorry I have SOOOO many questions. Im not ever going to be a cat lady, im going to be a fish lady and hope to expand my love for fish so much I turn into Ohio Fish Rescue



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Welcome to fishlore!

What size tank are the dwarf gouramis, angels, guppies, plecos and cory in?

Glad you're getting more tiger barbs. They are schooling fish so should be kept in groups of 6+ but are happier in larger groups. The rainbows, danios and cory are also schooling so it would be great if you could get some more of them.

Be aware that male dwarf gouramis fight badly, usually to the death. Shops rarely sell females since they are a drab silvery colour. You may need to end up separating yours if they start fighting.

What type of danio, plecos and cory do you have?

There's a few temperature incompatibilities with your stocking, which may be contributing to some of the aggression.

You could move some of the fish around and do something like this
75 gallon at around 78-80f
1 Opaline gourami
2 Angels
6-8 boesmani rainbows
1 Avocado pleco

The other tank could have this stock at around 72-74f (depending on the tank size)
1 Bolivian ram
8+ danios
8+ Tiger barbs
1 dwarf gourami
5 guppies

The other plecos and the cories could go in either tank but it depends on what type of pleco and cory they are since different types have different temperature requirements.

I wouldn't recommend keeping dwarf gouramis in a 10 gallon. They get to a reasonable size and need 20 gallons minimum. But the guppies would work. If you have both male and female guppies they would quickly overrun a 10 gallon though.

As for puffers, a pea puffer would be great in a 10 gallon. They have very cute faces.

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