Ram With White Growth On Fin

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    So I noticed my ram has developed this white growth on the top of his top fin. It has grown but it is a slow growth. I have him now in a quarantine tank. The quarantine tank pH 6.8, ammonia and nitrites 0 and nitrates at 10ppm. I have a filter with no carbon running. Temp is 80 degrees.

    I initially thought it could be saprolegnia and treated with Seachem Polyguard and Stress Guard for one week with no improvement. I then tried Pimafix and have been using it for three days and still no improvement. He appears stressed and has had rapid breathing for a day or two now. I even set up an air bubbler thinking there was low oxygen in the tank to aid in agitation of the water.

    My original tank has the same parameters as the quarantine.

    Any suggestions on what could cure him?

    Below are photos I took when transferring him from my original tank to the quarantine:
    IMG_4206.jpgIMG_4207.jpgIMG_4208 (1).jpg
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    I believe your fish has lymphocystis. this is a viral disease that doesn't have a cure. I would keep it away from other fish since this is contaigous. It doesn't impede the fish unless it gets in the way of swimming. Usually it does weaken the immune system allowing for secondary infections to take control. Usually a bacterial disease kills the fish then.